5 Great Drought Tolerant Plants

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Whether you live in an area with very little rainfall, want a low-maintenance garden or simply forget to water frequently, it is possible to add lush greenery to your garden with minimal water maintenance.

Below are five great drought-tolerant plants to park in your yard.

Lavender. This popular purple plant grows quickly, tolerates heat and drought, and offers fragrant, beautiful blooms.

Agave. Not just a sweetener, agave plants have an interesting look, can go for weeks without water, and are even thought to be fire retardant. Place them around your patio for a pop of prickly color.

Bougainvillea. This bright, merry shrub is extremely hearty, and thrives in even the most dire conditions.

Verbena. This vibrant ground covering plant does well in high heat and with little water. These plants bloom spring to fall, or year-round in warmer areas, but they do need full sun.

Sage. This aromatic herb does well with little water and loves the sunshine. Be wary, though—overwatering will quickly do sage in.